A Day In The Life Of A Swimmer (part 1)

This year, Brandon, David and I are on swim team.  It has been hard work, but has had it's share of rewards.  We have practice two nights a week and meets once a week. Most of our swim coaches are very serious about swimming and making the team strong, consequently we have been going home exhausted nearly every night we practice.  We have also swam in nearly all conditions, in rain (without lightening) in 110 degree weather and in 65 degree weather.  There is also a baseball field next to the pool, and we have had several foul ball come zooming our way! 

Last night, we were scheduled to have a meet at a pool 45 minutes away, [way farther then normal] so we were car pulling with two of our  friends who are on the team.  It had been raining for the last couple of hours and every once in a while were heard the distant rumble of thunder.

 But the meet hadn't been canceled yet, so we packed everything into our mini van and headed over to our friends house.  By that time it was pouring down rain, yet the meet was still on.  Twenty minutes later everyone was buckled in the car, wet from the rain, excited to be car pulling with friends, discussing the movie we were about to watch and ready to go.  We turned the car on, got ready to back out, and then got the email.  The meet was canceled. 

We are supposed to be swimming tonight, but it's raining again.  Maybe it we'll swim in the rain, maybe it will be rescheduled for tomorrow, we don't know yet, but  I'll keep you posted:)

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running4him said...

wow, sounds pretty extreme!!