My View on the Opening Ceremony for the Olympics

So the Olympics are finally here!  After all of the trials, the real thing is finally happening.  This is the first year that I am really interested in the Olympics, I remember the Winter ones, but before that I was really too young to know or care anything about them, so this year it’s really interesting.  In my family, we watch next to no TV, so it is also a special thing to be able watch so many countries, so many people, and so many sports compete.

Now, the Opening Ceremony....  First of all, I thought it was absolutely amazing.  It was breathtaking, funny, realistic, wonderfully put to together with so many amazing actors, props, music, sets etc.  It was really neat, how it started with the beginnings of each country, with live animals, full costumes and houses.  Then it went on to the industrial industry, then to the children, doctors and nurses in the hospital, the little girl's dream, then the 80’s, and finally the “social media” (I may have missed a few, sorry!)  But as I was watching it all unfold I kept thinking that as each scene went through, it seemed as though the world kept getting less and less godly.  Here’s an example:  In the beginning, a little boy with a beautiful voice sang “Lord God Almighty” (or a song like that).  Then other children sang their countries national anthem, like “God Help the Queen” and other songs.  Fast forward to the “Social Media" stage.  Now kids were disagreeing with parents, texting all the time, not wearing very much, and going out to parties at all hours.  It was a good example of how the world is steadily moving away from God, and it’s sad.  A hundred years ago the first thing a child learned to read was the Bible.  It was a standard, and at that time the very idea of not allowing “God in schools" would have probably seemed ridiculous and completely crazy. 
We need families in America, and all over the world, to step up and set the standard back to what it should be.  We need children to be taught what is right, and trained in the ways of the Lord.  We need prayer warriors to cry out to God, and only then will there be any change in the world. 

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The Mac Fam said...

Incredible post Brittany and so true!!!