Our Awesome Family Over the 4th of July

Over the July 4th weekend most of my family on my dad's side went to my grandparents house at Smith Mountain Lake.  We had an awesome time and did everything from campfires, to knee boarding, to tubing, to simply hanging out and having a great time with family. 
My newest couin Carson (http://minus1project.blogspot.com/)

My brother David, and Carson's sweet big sister Lucy


Brad on the Jet Ski


Look at that smile, he is the cutest!

Carson in the backpack

The moon July 3

geting ready to tube with 6 kids in a 2 man tube.  

we broke our record of how many tubes we use in a single trip with 4 tubes

Cousins Katie and Brad

Me and Carson

More tubeing

David and Ben




Carson again

Katie and Carson's big sister Lindsey

 We also went out to see the fireworks on July 4th.  We almost always go, and have a great time watching them.  We pulled out the couch into a "bed" and about half the cousins piled onto it.  We had a great ride over, but sometime after we left the dock the safely lights on the boat went out and we couldn't get them to come back on.  It is really important to have them because it is dark, because without them, the other boats (there were about 3,000) couldn't see us, and they might run into us.  Soon after we realized the lights were out, a police boat pulled up beside us.  We didnt get a ticket, but we had to go back to the dock (about twenty minutes away) The police had us tape up a smart phone as a light in the back of the boat while my older cousin Brad held up a smart phone in the front so we could be seen.  We rushed back the dock and piled in the speed boat then zoomed across the lake just in time for the last 30 seconds.  It was great.
Seven of the 19 cousins in the front of the boat

Brad held that smart phone up the entire time!


Britt said...

Great photos Brittany!! it looks like you all had a bunch of fun!! Thanks for posting them!!

Emma said...

Brittany you have a beautiful family! You must of had a ton of fun!

Kelly said...

You got some great pictures from the weekend. My favorite, besides all the ones of my kids :), is Brad holding up the cell phone...hysterical!! Can't wait to see you next week.