Our Time At The Beach

Once a year my family has the opportunity to go to the beach with my dad's family.  It is such an amazing time to spend together with our family who we don't see as much as we'd like.  Get prepared, this post will have alot of pictures!

Emily and Lindsey with "funny faces"

The ipad and wii were a hit.  (sadely:))

Kevin and Carson


Family game!

We spent alot of time in the ocean or digging in the sand, we made several fish aquariums,
and countless sandcastles.  And apart from a few rashes and a couple cases of
swimmer's ear, had an all-around great time.

It is so much fun to look ahead to next year when we will have two new little people to have so much fun with.  In our family we normally have a new baby (or two!) every year, and it has been along time since our family had the youngest grandchild:)

Last year, we made a short movie nearly all of the (then) 16 cousins.  This year we have 19 cousin, (two of which are my brother and sister who are still in Africa) 
But this year we made a 1/2 hour movie that turned out really well!  From start to finish it took us about 3 days, and was (although a bit stressful for me) a lot of fun.

We also had the amazing privilege of getting to see baby sea turtles hatch!  Well, actually we didn't get to see them hatch, but we were there when they made there journey to the ocean.  It was so absolutely amazing to watch.  So breathtaking to realize that God designed it so that those tiny, two ounce, little animals would follow the light of the moon to the ocean, and then travel 30-40 miles out to sea before eating anything.  So. Amazing.

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Britt said...

Wow, what amazing photos!! It looks like you had a lot of fun!! Thanks for posting them!!