1.5 Months

Time is going by so quickly...
Kaden and Bethany have been home 1.5 months as of Thursday.
Kaden is speaking in half English sentences.
We are speaking half Lingalan sentences:)
Bethany is 6.5 months old already!
We kept thinking Kadi would come out of the "honeymoon stage" and start "acting out", but so far is never has. 
He is so funny, and smart, and he loves us.
He has said next to nothing about his life before coming home, but I was a part of one conversation we had.
We were going on a walk around our neighborhood, our walks are very slow these days with a lot of stopping to talk, look, listen, and even find a pet in the grass:)  Anyway, were about 15 minutes into the walk when Kadi stopped and looked up into the sky. 
"Kadi coona avion," (Kadi is up in the airplane) he said pointing to sky.
"No," I said, "Kadi aya."  (kadi's here) 
He looked at me for a second and then said
"Momma, Papa, Baby Jilma, Kadi avion."  (they were in the airplane)
"Yes.  Momma, Papa, Baby Jilma and Kadi were in the avion."
I pointed into the distance.  "Kadi coona, (kadi was there)  and then Momma, Papa, Kadi, and Baby Jilma went in the avion, (moving my hand like an airplane) home to Brittany, Brandon and David."
Kadi stared for a minute and then repeated what I said with emphasis
 on the long plane ride, and then looked at me. 
 "Home to Brittany." he said smiling."
Home the Brittany.  that makes me smile.
Bethany is doing very well too.
She is starting to babble, saying "da da da," although I'm trying to get her to say "ba ba ba" for Brittany.  It hasn't worked yet:)
She has two cute little teeth, starting on solids, and sleeping through the night most of the time.
She is a very sweet baby, but insists to be held most of the time. 
We are trying to take care of her beautiful African hair, and I've tried to braid it a few times.  I failed, but I'll keep trying:)


Emma said...

They are so beautiful!

running4him said...

Cuties!!! Haha I love how he talks!! Just like my friends try to speak English, but they dont have the excuse of being little! lol

Michlyn said...

Hi Brittany! I just replied back to your comment on my blog, but thought I'd post here too.

My little sister is 6 1/2 and she's been home 28 months today! Crazy...