One Month Home + My Thoughts

It is late Friday night; Kadi is settled into bed,
and Bethany is finishing a bottle.
The older boys are reading the Bible with my dad
as I type this up.
We have just finished watching a Vegetales video after enjoying a delicious dinner
some friends blessed us with.
Early tomorrow morning begins my end-of-season soccer tournament.
As I sit here simply sitting and enjoying the night, I think about yesterdays anniversary.
Yesterday marked one month that Kadi and Bethany have been home.
One month from the day our lives changed.
The day I finally got to hold my baby sister,
The day I saw my little brother for the first time in person.
And that makes me think,
what if we never did it.
What if my mom and dad never answered God's call for our family to adopt?
Or didn't wait for God's timing?
Where would they be?
How would the way we look at things be different?
How would the choices we make be changed because we are starting to see the bigger picture?
How would the way we view life be different?
I think that every family that has adopted can tell you that it is not always fun.
kids act out.
they disobey.
But I also believe that if you asked any adoptive family if they had the chance to go back and change things, and not have chosen to not adopt, they would not hesitate to say
"Of course not."
It is worth every struggle.
The good moments make up for the bad ones.
It takes patients, lots of it. and it takes even more faith,
but God is always faithful.
No questions asked.
So what about you?
Is there something you think you should do,
but feel it is too big for you?
Give it to God.
He will work out everything, always.  If you are His child, he will always, always, always be there.
For big things, or little.
Here is a video I made in honor of the 1 month anniversary.


Emma said...

Wow! It's been a month already that they have been home! That flew by way too fast! I love Bethany's face in the picture. ;)

Gandy said...

My dear Brittany, You are wise beyond your years...there are many adults who cannot see things as clearly as you already do. Imagine what your future will be! I love you sooo much..and am so proud of you.

Evan said...

Are you sure you are only 13? I have been stopping by your beautiful blog for about a month now and I must say every time I am thoroughly impressed by your heart for the Lord and the amazing wisdom that you possess at such a young age. It is so refreshing to see a lovely young lady such as yourself living for God and letting His light shine on high through the words and actions you share with the world. Thank you! I have been a blogging adoptive mom for over four years and have seen hundreds of blogs in that time, and I must say your blog is one of my favorites!!! Keep these wonderful posts coming! Thank you for sharing your beautiful family with all of us!
P.S. We adopted our fourth child Finn from Ethiopia in 2010 and now are adopting both a boy and girl from the DRC. Checking in on your new Bro and Sis is helping keep our excitement levels up!!!

Ireland said...

That is so amazing Brittany! I love your love for adoption! :) I found your blog from Leighanna Rose's blog hop! Your blog is really awesome! I've followed! Would you me?