My apologies and David's Gymnastics meet

First of all I must beg your forgiveness for my lack of "good posting" or not posting at all.
I have been writing posts in my head and sometimes even starting drafts,
but somehow I never get around to finishing them.
Sometimes I'm too busy during the day or too tired at the end of it,
but I will try to do better.
I will try.
we have been very busy.
David had his first gymnastics meet and my dad and I sayed home with Bethany and Kaden.
My cousins came to meet Bethany and Kaden two weeks ago.
We went to those same cousins home in Virgina two weeks later, and the rest of the family met Bethany and Kaden.
We went to my Mom's parents house this past Saturday and the her side of the family met Bethany and Kaden.
And well, the list goes on, 
so I'll start at the beginning of my list.
David is now a level 4 gymnast, and he had his first meet 5ish hours away. 
We knew that it would be to hard to bring the little ones along, so my mom, Brandon and David went and my Dad and I stayed home. 
David placed 2nd in his group!
Because I wasn't there I can't write to much about it, but maybe I can get one of the boys to do a guest post for me.

 always a crazy boy. always.
Back at the home front Kaden, Bethany, my dad and I had good four-on-four time:)
We went to a place that had a little train you could ride in,
and a fun play ground,
and a river.
blogger is not working with me, so I'll have to post more pictures later.

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