Christmas is such a wonderful time of year!

I love the spirit of joy, and the memories and thinking about the first Christmas.
And this year is so much more exciting because we have two new little people to celebrate it with us!
Today we went out to buy a Christmas tree. 
When we told Kaden that we were going to get a tree, bring it home and put lights on it,
he looked at us like we were crazy, but soon got really excited.
This time last year my parents plan to adopt hadn't even been announced, and now they've been home for almost 2 months!

He wasn't to sure about it:)

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Gandy said...

Love the pix with David - Caden really looks like he thinks you all are nuts! Had a wonderful time seeing us all together for Thanksgiving..Aren't we SO blessed to have such a family? Love to all - see you soon again...