God's Ways Are ALWAYS Best

Mother's Day weekend has long come and gone, but the memories it has left with us will be remembered for a long time to come! 
This year we traveled to TVR - Teen Valley Ranch - a place that holds many memories for me.
My first year there, in 2012, was very bittersweet.
As a family, we were trying to heal from the loss of our two referrals (before Kaden and Bethany) and I was having a very hard time.
That year I honestly didn't enjoy the camp. 
I was waaay too shy to approach any of the few girls my age who were at the camp then, 
so I stuck to the shadows and stayed off by myself or with my parents.
Our last night I climbed up the hill to our cabin in the dark. 
I heard kids shouting in the gym, adults singing in church, and teens talking in the Chalet.
I felt alone, but I wasn't.
I sat quietly in the rocking chair and began to pray.
I could feel God around me as I sat, and my heart began to trust that his ways ARE truly best.
That night I dreamed of an African woman having a baby,
and, as I later found out, that was just about the time Bethany was born. 
God's ways are AWAYS best.
This year I returned to TVR with my family, my entire family including the two African treasures I prayed for that night.
And this year was completely different.
I loved being around my peers this year, and I made friends with some awesome, awesome gals.
I even learned how to say, "Hi, how are you?" In Amharic. (thanks Selba and Mectis!)
This year I went to TVR healed, I am reminded that God's ways are ALWAYS best. 

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Gandy said...

I bet that you have gone back to some of your earlier posts and have been able to see for yourself how much you have grown since you began sharing your thoughts with those who have read your posts....There IS no understanding some of what you have experienced...maybe so you could help someone else in the future, or maybe just so you could understand yourself a little bit better for the future. I love you, Gandy