2 weeks!

I can't believe that it was an entire week since I wrote about Kaden and Bethany being home a week!
Really, it feels like they have been home always.
We are kinda wondering if we are in the "honeymoon stage".
But it is hard for me to imagine Kadi acting out.  He is such a good tempered, sweet little guy.
And he is such an actor and performer!
just watch the video.  Words are not necessary.
Yeah, that pretty much describes him.
And then Bethany.
We all love her so much! 
It is so sweet to see Kaden give her a kiss. 
He is the only one in our family who has been with her since she came to the orphanage from the hospital after her birth.
These two pictures (below) are from the orphange, about 2-3 months ago.

Bethany is a cutie!

Kaden enjoys playing the camera... a little scary sometimes, but still a good thing.
But anyway, tonight while my mom feeding Bethany, we put the timer on the camera and tried to get a good picture.  We did... sorta

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Jess Leigh said...

Awww they are sooooo sweet! Your family has done a wonderful thing! :)