Momma Kadi

This little guy cracks me up.

He is a ball of energy, and personality.
like the time when he wanted "baby Jilma" to lay in the wheel barrow next to him.
But I think one of the best examples of his personality is
"Momma Kadi"
One day we got out some costumes, and a couple wigs.  At first he was scared of them, but then he wanted to put one on...
Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get a good picture,
but when he saw him self in the mirror he smiled and said,
"Momma Kadi!"
I guess it was the long hair, because when he put on this wig...
He turned into "Papa Kadi!"
Things are never boring with "Momma Kadi" in the house!


Gandy said...

Mama Kadi is almost as cute as the real thing! And Papa Kadi is a scream! Hope you all turn out to be Mammas and Poppas just like your own> Love you guys........

Emmie said...

I really like your blog. You asked me to look at ir when you saw my blog exuberant Emmie from a comment I posted on the dugger family blog. It seems like we have a lot in comment. My family would liked to adopt but we are still working on it. We recently moved to Canada so my dad can plant church's in Alberta. Blessings Emmie