I've realized that I have written a lot about Kaden,
but not so much about this little girl

But I guess the picture really says it all:)
Bethany is precious.  She is amazing.  She is perfect.  And she is my sister.
I have always wanted a baby sister,  and even though I love all my siblings so much,   Bethany is  simply special.  Well, they all are...
But anyway,
talks in her own language
all the time.
Even though she never been scared of me,
I can tell she has gotten used to me, and is even recognizing me now.

 Wow, look at the difference in these two pictures!  The one with my dad is when he went to the embassy appointment only about a month ago.
Yes, we love our little girl!




erica said...

I've loved reading back through your posts about your new brother and sister! They are so cute! Congratulations, and God's richest blessings to you and your family!

Kelly said...

I am wondering when, if ever, that I'll read your newest post without tearing up. You, sweet Brittany, are a treasure! I love watching your faith and love grow! I am so blessed and encouraged by you. Love you!!