Day #1 Review

Whew!  Alright, time to review!
My mom, dad, Bethany and Kaden got home a little before 9:30pm (October 4).
Kaden was half asleep, and Bethany was hungry and crying.
I saw Kaden first, he looked so, so tired.; he had been traveling for the past 2 days.
  My dad carried him inside and I went out to meet Bethany.
She was so much smaller than I expected.  She is not a tiny baby,
but the pictures make her look a lot bigger that she really is.  She was hungry, and fussy.
After my mom got a bottle for here everybody moved into the living room and sat down.
 Kaden was tired and a little scared and overwhelmed.

 He sat in my Dad's lap,
and I held Bethany and gave her a bottle. 
Soon Kaden started to wake up a little and we talked and took pictures,
and tried to realize that they were actually home!
Later on we took Kaden in to the toddler room, and... well, you'll just have to watch the video!

We played in there until about 11:00pm ish, and then Kaden and my mom and dad went up to put Kaden to bed. 
I really wanted to stay with Bethany that night and feed her, so my mom let me.
I loved that night. 
She was a little weasy, and I loved listening to her breathe.
I had a really hard time falling asleep, though, and I kept thinking she'd wake up for her
middle-of-the-night feeding.  I eventually fell asleep, and then woke up again
about when Bethany started stirring at 3:00am.  I made her a bottle, and gave it to her.
That was the first time I really got to see her eyes.  They are so large, and starry, and beautiful.
After her feeding I burped her for about 10 minutes, and by that time she was wide awake.
In Congo she would be getting up about that time.  I rocked her for a while and then forced my self to lay her back into her bed.
That didnt last.
She wasn't crying, but she wouldnt go to sleep.  I laid back down, and listened to her.
Then I picked her up and put her on the bed with me.
She was very content, but still not ready to sleep, so we stayed up.
We did a little of this, a little of that, and about 5am she went back to sleep, so I dozed until
6:00 and then my mom came in and we were up for the day.
has been great!
Kaden woke up at 5:30 and he and my dad went down to play.
When I came down with my mom and Bethany at 6:30ish we hung out and enjoyed the babies.
They are both amazing.
simply amazing
We still call Kaden "Kadi" (his African name pronouced Ka Dee). 
He is great at repeteing, and is quickly picking up English words.
Our favorites are:
"super!"  (thumbs up, big smile)
"aww yeah!"
"I love you"
"how are you doing?"

Kaden loves Bethany!  He called her, "Baby Jilma" (her Congolese name).
When we put her in her rocker for the first time this morning, he came up to it and started rocking her.  It was so cute!
After a while he got his little light up chair and sat down on it to push her!

He is so funny, and so perfect.  He is terrified of dogs, though.  We have a small dog, and when he saw it, he screamed.  Now the dog's new living space is here:
Anyway, a little about Bethany
Bethany is amazing.  She only screams when you mess with her nose, and, as my mom said, "after she's been travleing for 2 days!" 
Really though, she is such a happy, easy beautiful baby.
Bethany and Gandy

Love this smile

More later,
I promise!



Laura Todd said...

Thanks for the updates Brittany! You know I am crying! Give everyone hugs from us. The boys are dying to come meet your new siblings. Let us know when you guys are up for visitors.
Love, Laura

Emma said...

They're so beautiful! Thank you for posting photos!

The Mac Fam said...

Wow!!!! Incredible. Love all the pics and video. Thanks so much for sharing. We can't wait to see you all soon!

*Overflowing* said...

They are BEAUTIFUL!!! Welcome home sweet ones!!! Congratulations sissy...loved how Bethany quieted down in the first video when you were holding her. Sooooo happy for's been a long journey but so happy that are finally home. I remember your earlier posts...when you were worried if they would ever come home...sweet one...just look...just look what the Lord has done!!! So excited for you guys. Enjoy these days of learning who your new brother and sister are! Hugs!

Our Dreaming Tree of Three said...

Simply beautiful! Your new brother and sister are just perfect. Congratulations big sis,

Christianfrys said...

Brit, they are so ADORABLE!!! We can't wait to meet them in person!!