Kaden's Words

Kaden is learning English!
We are still calling him Kadi, but sometimes we add on "Kaden" at the end to get him used to the name.
I don't know if we'll stick to it, but we'll see.
This blog post is mostly to remember the way he said words before he was fluent in English.
But anyway, he is picking up English quickly!
This is his 8th day home, and these are his most common words:
Motor Car: 
He loves riding in the car, and playing with toy cars and trucks. 
He says "motor cars"  "Mo-to  ca"
This is a good one to know!  He says "more please"  like "more peas".
He knows who Brandon is, but calls him "Bran-dean-y" most of the time.
He has a cute nick name for David too!  Although sometimes he'll say "David"  Most of the time, it is "Dave-E-ty"
He says my name pretty well;  He calls me "Bri-ton-ie".  Pretty cute!
still calling her "baby Jilma", although he did say "baby Bethany" once.
Love the way he says his name, a way that only he can.  It sounds a lot like "Ka Dee"
comes out like "dank-u"
he says like "Nos"
He normally dosen't like them, but he ate one tonight.  He says it like "om-at-o" said really fast.
Other body parts:
Kaden knows, "eyes", "mouth" "ears" and "hair" which he can point at and tell you.
Other words:
Kaden says lots of other words here and there.  He can repeat, and he picks up all kinds of things!
Some favorites are, "Aww yeah!"  "yes!" he says like "es" and "muscle man"
He started singing in the car one day, too!
He sang, "Oh, my soul!"  and was so proud of himself for doing it!


Eli OKeefe said...

Awww that is soo cute! It is great to hear about your family; I really enjoy reading your blog!
God bless you,

shaira said...

:) <3