They're Home!

I don't have the time right now to tell you adequately how wonderfully they're doing
or how perfect they are
or how funy
or cute
I will try to do that, today or tomorrow, but for now I'm just writing a quick post to say,
"they're Gilbartes, and they're home forever!"
and I'll post a few pictures:)

A little scared, and very tired!

He's not quite sure about what to think



Kelly said…
Completely crying here!! I just love them and am so overwhelmed knowing that the Lord has brought them home! Congratulations to the sweetest big sister I know. Love you all.
Michlyn said…
Awww they are so adorable!! Take your time to adjust as a family of 7!

It's amazing isn't?!

running4him said…
Soooo Happy 4 u!!~~ They are absolutely adorable!!!
Brooke Miller said…
What a precious site. I am so glad they are finally home.