They're coming HOME!

"Embote!  Nalingi yo!"  I yelled into the phone. 
From the other end I heard a stream of lingala, the voices of my parents speaking English, and a little, "Kadi say..." and then a little voice with an accent said,
"Hello?  I love you!"
Those were the first words I heard from my newest little brother. 
 They're coming home!
I can finally spill the beans!  I have had to wait for what feels like forever to tell you, but now I can!
They're coming home!
Before I go further, I want to show you my sister...
Isn't she precious!
My parents have been in Congo for the past two weeks,
 and they finally landed in America!
I wasn't allowed to put anything on the blog for safety reasons, and that was hard!  But now I can finally tell you all.
These two *Gilbartes* will be forever home in about 6 hours!
They have been in Congo together for the past 10 days.
They have been traveling home for the past 30 hours
They will be home in 6 hours.
We have been able to Skye a little, and talk on the telephone some.
I have talked to my brother.
I have seen more pictures.
I have had at least half a dozen dreams about them coming home.
they'll be here so soon!
I'll post again with homecoming pictures tomorrowish. 
Please, keep us in your prayers!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations. We can not wait to meet them. I have been watching your blog everyday to see when they would be home. It is so exciting. Let us know if there is anything we can do for all of you.
Love, Laura

The Mac Fam said...

So so so so so excited I can't hardly stand it!!! Congrats!!!!! We love you guys!!!

Michlyn said...

AHHHH YAY!!! :) Can't wait to see homecoming pictures, and here how everything went.

Give your mom a back massage (that's what I did) and you all get some sleep!

Blessings and Congrats!

Beka said...

That's awesome. can't wait to see more pictures. congrats!!!:)