The good, the bad, and the doctors appointments

Doctor visits... ugh!
We took Kaden and Bethany for a quick look over on their first day home.
They both did so well! 
Before they looked over Kaden, he sat with my dad,
and then he reached out to me.
He gave me a big hug, and then went back to my dad and gave him a hug.
We went back and forth like that for about half an hour.
That trip went well; 
No crying, no scared get-me-out-of-here looks,
and no shots...
But then we had to go back.  My mom, dad and Brandon went with Kaden to his more thorough appointment.
He had to get 5 tubes of blood drawn, and 3 shots.
Let's just say I'm glad I wasn't with them on that trip.
He wasn't himself all day, and I felt so bad for him.
Later that week we went to take Bethany.
She had to get a shot and a little blood drawn, we knew,
but why had they brought 5 big tubes?
Could they really take that much blood from her?  And if they could how could we stand it?
Well, the short story is this:
They tried to find a vain, and couldn't.
So they told us to go to the hospital and they could do it there.
We really were not looking forward to it.
When we went two days later the nurse said they could just prick her foot, which they did.
this time they had six little tubes,
better that 5 big ones,
but still it was really hard.
It took a long time to fill them up, and it was so hard to just stand their when she was crying so hard...
But it is over.

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